Sigulda - Latvia's Switzerland
Our tours to Sigulda
Sigulda is located in the heart of Gauja National park and is interesting at any season. Gauja National Park is interesting in any season - in spring when marigolds or bird cherry trees bloom, summer when everything is green, golden autumn with red and yellow leaves, of course also winter. When there is snow, the surroundings of Sigulda surprise with their whiteness. Excursions are possible longer and shorter, by car or longer walks. The valley of the Gauja River offered various options for every taste.
Sigulda for first time visitors
In this excursion, we get to know the history and natural beauty of Sigulda and Latvia in a short and focused way. The first stop is at the New Castle of Sigulda and the castle ruins of the Livonian Order. Then a short walk to Gutmanala (Goodman's Cave). This will be followed by a visit to Turaida Castle, which we will spend about an hour. before driving back to Riga, short stop at the Krimulda Palace and those who are interested in local drinks will be able to taste the drinks of the Cremon winery.
Sigulda with a local taste
This tour is recommended for those who like to enjoy life - the best enjoyed slowly. Combination of Sigulda for first time visitors tour including Sigulda New palace and Old Castle, Gutman"s Cave and Turaida Castle Museum with lunch at restaurant "Aparjods" or restaurant "Kungu Rija". Not always Michelin stars needed to be happy about the meals.
Hiking Gauja National park
If weather is good for hiking and You love Nature, this is an option. We are driving by car to Sigulda and that there is about 15-16 km walking tour in Gauja National park with beautiful for sandstone outcrops, ravines and creeks. We will visit the Krimulda Palace with a rest break in the "Milly" cafe, as well as visit the Sigulda Castle complex.
2 and more day tours
A stay of two or more days in Sigulda is recommended. You can book accommodation yourself through or I will take you to Sigulda and introduce you to it, tell you where and what is better to see and enjoy, and after rest I will take you back to Riga.
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