Cesis town - heritage of the Livonian period
About Cesis town
Cesis town has a history of more than 800 years and is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the Baltics. But Cesis offers so much more! Find out what to experience and how to enjoy Cesis and its surroundings. Cesis Medieval Castle is located in the heart of the city, next to Livonian castle ruins and parks. Cēsis was founded in 1206 and it is the third oldest town in Latvia. In 1323, Cēsis obtained town rights. Since the 14th century, Cesis was a member of the Hanseatic League. Discover the ancient beauty of the Gauja, sandstone cliffs, caves, and sacred springs. After the walk around the old town is time to taste the gastronomic offerings. Cesis has received the prestigious Europen Destinations of Excellence Award.
Tours to and around Cesis town
Cesis is a special town, especially for those interested in history and the time of the knights, but nature lovers will certainly like it as well.
On the way to Cesis town - away from the hustle and bustle of the world at large, concealed under crown of leafy oak trees is a unique wooden manor - Ungurmuiza. The jewel of Ungurmuiza is a baroque-style wooden landlords house, in which one can clearly sense the rhythm of another age and admire its unique interior with ancient wall paintings. The expressive paintings inside the castle – Russian grenadiers with the features of Peter the Great – are a vivid depiction of a dynamic historical epoch when Baron Campenhausen was saved by two Russian soldiers at the Battle of Poltawa. In the venerable Tsarist-period tea house, one can enjoy genuine peace and quiet, as well as fragrant teas, prepared from the fruits of nature. Slowly sipping tea will help you to arrange your thoughts and inspire pleasant conversation. And the road leads to Cesis. .
Around Cesis town is the Gauja National Park with beautiful landscapes and views of untouched nature. One of the most scenic places to visit is the Eagle Cliffs. It is also a popular place for photos.
On the way to Cesis, it is possible to visit Lielstraupe Castle. Lielstraupe medieval castle most likely was built at the end of 13th century as a castle of von Rosen family - then vassals of Riga Archbishopric. Castle is unique for Latvia with its well-preserved medieval chapel. Castle itself together with a complex of other valuable monuments has survived up to this day and belongs to buildings with the longest history of nearly uninterrupted use. After visiting the castle, we continue our journey to Cesis.
After walking through the historical center of Cesu and visiting the castle, it's time to taste some delicious food. Cesis has several restaurants and cafes where you can have a meal. For example, restaurant "H.R. Vanadzins", restaurant "Villa Santa", cafe "Cafe 2Locals". Bon appetite.
Sigulda and Cesis towns tour can be combined and organised in one day tour. Just feel free to contact me and agree for a details. Welcome!
For the last 200 years, the name Ligatne has been closely associated with a paper mill. The factory was founded in 1815 and operated until 2016. The historical center of the Līgatne paper mill village is a unique European-scale working-class ensemble of the workers' village. We will also visit the rehabilitation center that was built in the 1980s on the nuclear bomb shelter.

3 Reasons to visit Cesis town
  • A town with a medieval atmosphere
    Cesis is a special city, especially for those interested in history and the time of the knights. The Castle is the best kept Livonian castle ruins.
  • Located 90 km from Riga
    Only 90 km from Riga and on the way other interesting places to see.
  • Various tourist attractions both on the way there and on the way back
    For lovers of both nature and history - choose your option and send a message.
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