Talsi - the town on 9 hills
About Talsi town
Talsi – the town on nine hills, in which the quiet, cobbled streets, the old wooden houses and ancient parks live in harmony with the future that can be sensed from children's chatting, driving car sounds and building facades. Talsi was first mentioned in and in 1917 received town privileges. The town's historical centre is located between Talsi and Vilkmuiža lakes and it is an urban construction monument (16th to 19th century). The rich nature, hills and lakes, complement the landscape full of small buildings. There are dominating two-story household buildings at the courtyards, between the wooden buildings you can also see two-story and three-story masonry buildings as well as gable roofs with chamfered ends. These roofs are most characteristic of Talsi from all other towns in Courland. This is also a pilgrimage place for those who love music, because close friend of Ludvig van Beethoven and music teacher for Mozart's children Karl Friedrich Amenda (1771 -1836) who lived and worked and served as a priest and teacher in Tukums. His family graves are near Tukums.
Our tours to Talsi
Depending on the guests' interests, I offer different excursion options. Have a look and book!
This trip has already been approved and visited by some European countries who found it interesting and worth visiting. The most popular is the trip to Talsiem through Tukumu and back to "Tiltu uz nekurieni". On the way, there are various sights that are interesting for any traveler - Jaunmoku Medibu castle, Vīna kalns, Leļļu gardens and a chance to taste the local Sabiles cider.
The road to Talsiem by sea leads through small fishing villages that smell of smoked fish and places where you will not see a single person when you approach the Baltic Sea. There is also a leisurely pace of life, local people are busy after work, but visitors have opened a pastry shop or restaurant and this cocktail makes the trip unforgettable.
Latvia is rich in cultural and historical heritage - medieval pilsdrupām 18-19 century muizam un pilīm. Also on the way to Talsiem, you can choose to see the pearls from the Kurzeme manor. Šlokenbek manor, Durbes castle, Jaunmoku medibu castle and recently restored, impressive Nurmuiža, which once belonged to the influential von Firks family.
3 Reasons to Choose Talsi town
Talsi is a romantic small town with its own charm and traditions. If you want to spend a day outside of Riga to see and hear and feel the leisurely rural life of Latvia, this is the excursion for you!
  • Relatively untouched nature of Latvia
    In Kurzeme, the western region of Latvia, and covered with natural forests, a road to Talsi town leads through Kemeru National Park and Talsi Hillock Nature Park. Latvia - country thousends shades of Green!
  • The serenity of the small towns of Kurzeme
    It is important for us that clients feel comfortable. That is why we always monitor the cleanliness and create a cozy atmosphere in our salon.
  • A beautiful day spent with a knowledgeable guide
    The charms and feelings of a small historical city contrast with the hustle and bustle of a big city. They should be enjoyed without rush!
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