Jurmala Sea resort
One of the largest Sea resorts on the Baltic Sea
About Jurmala city
Jurmala is the biggest resort city on the shores of the Baltic Sea in a comfortable geographical location – just twenty kilometers from the capital of Latvia, Riga.The presence of the sea, the about 30 kilometers long white sand beach and the romantic wooden architecture ensure the unique ambiance of the city. The city is approximately two hundred years old and was founded around the time Europe learned about the healing properties of the sea and the first resorts appeared.
Tours in Jurmala
Jurmala offers various opportunities for travelers. On the one hand, everyone can visit this resort town on their own, but considering that its territory is large, it is easier to do it by car and with a guide. Welcome!
One of the largest Latvian cities with a not so old but interesting history is located on the seashore near Riga. We will explore the city center, find out why the turtle is one of the symbols of the city, walk around the famous Dzintari concert hall and the Lielupe Open Air Museum. The historical construction of the town and the pine-covered dunes will please every traveler. (Excursion duration 3- 3.5 hours)
Kemeri health resort was once famous in Europe, nowadays it is a restored historical park and a hotel built in 1936 can be visited. There will be an opportunity to wash your hands and taste the natural mineral water and take a photo against the background of Love Island. Then a tour of the historical center of Jurmala, Majori - Dzintari. (3,5- 4 hours)
The so-called historical center of Jūrmala is located between Majoru and Dzintari railway stations. Many sights are concentrated right here. A beautiful walk with information you cannot find on the internet.
Those travelers who are interested in nature are recommended to visit the Ķemeri marsh footbridge or any other trip in the park. The Kemeru footbridge is located an hour's drive from Riga and you should be prepared to walk 5 km. During the excursion, you will learn that the swamp was formed, why the pines in the swamp are small, what the marsh looks like and what lives at the bottom of the swamp. (4 hours)

For those travelers who don't want or can't make long journeys, this trip is for them. At that time, we will visit the bird tower of Kanieru lake, Raganu Bog sulfur ponds and Ķemeri historical park. (4 hours)
Kemeru National Park offers a beautiful 15 -16 km route for hikers. During that time, we will get to know various biotops, and you will also learn various facts about the national park and the historical health resort. Of course, one of the highlights is a visit to the sulfur ponds. (7 hours)
3 Reasons to Choose Jurmala Tours
  • Rich with history and sea resort traditions
    All our staff members are professional therapists with a license. Our therapists are constantly improving their skills and participate in international conferences.
  • Easy to get to
    It is important for us that clients feel comfortable. That is why we always monitor the cleanliness and create a cozy atmosphere in our salon.
  • Individual Approach
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. We will respect your wishes.
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