Cenas Bog Walking Tour
About Cenas Bog
Cenas Bog (Moorland, Mire) has a 5 km long wooden footpath trail, and in the middle of it, there is a viewing tower that allows to see the moorland from above. Cena Moorland is Latvia's second largest bog, and it is a specially protected nature territory – a nature reserve as well as Natura 2000 territory. The Bog territory covering about 2000 hectares. Due to human activities it has decreased to 6000 ha at the moment. Peat mining is still taking place in the bog, and it is possible to see the field of peat mining. This tour is perfect for those who love nature and take pictures.
Bog Photos for Inspiration
The Cenu Bog is beautiful in every season - in Winter when hundreds of raised bog pools and lakes are frozen, in Spring when you can see birds arriving and whole nature wakes up, in Summer when everything is green and blooming, in Autumn when the Bog is resting place for a migrating birds and the moss changes its color to dark red.
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